Swedish Women: Their Beauty, Personal Traits and Dating Tips

In Sweden, it is not common for a man to initiate a seduction process with a Swedish woman. As the country is at the forefront of equality between men and women, you may find that women may initiate a date and men. It is part of their culture and is deeply rooted in their mentality.

However, if you take the first step by approaching women you like, you will not be rejected. Courtship is something quite rare in the country, and they will feel flattered. If a Swedish girl dislikes your attention, she will tell you about it. In no way should you worry that you violate somebody’s boundaries. The Swedish will not stay silent about this and let you know. If you approach women and they agree, it means that everything is okay.

Indeed, Swedish men are generally quite distant and quite cold. It sometimes feels like every word that comes out of their mouths is carefully counted not to talk too much. But, on the other hand, if you approach them with the confidence of a foreign man, the Swedish people will be flattered.

Their Role in the Society

Sweden is a particular country that offers perfect conditions for equality to bloom. In the Scandinavian kingdom, the need to guarantee the same rights and assign the same duties to women and men has been integrated into the national identity. Swedish beauties, however, consider that they should do better.

The column, published by the Swedish actresses and comedians on November 9, 2017, was a real hit for the Swedish people in the daily Svenska Dagbladet. In the wake of the Weinstein affair in the United States, 456 of them recounted, anonymously and without naming their attackers, the sexual harassment. They have all been victims of violence in theaters and on movie sets for years.

It has one of the highest GDPs in Europe, and girls from Sweden claim to be one of the happiest. But it is also a country where equality between men and women seems the most successful. From legislation to working conditions to social initiatives ahead of their time, here’s why Sweden is the best country in the world to live in as a woman.

Swedish Women

Political Power Sets the Example

With 12 women for 23 ministers, the Swedish government has fully integrated parity in political power. Gender equality is one of the Swedish government’s leitmotifs. It continues to legislate to fight against gender discrimination, such as “The Act on Violence against Women,” a text that came into force in 1998. The latter provides for six years of imprisonment for any violation of the integrity of women of Sweden. Since 2011, a ministry specifically dedicated to children, the elderly, and gender equality has also been set up.

In other political bodies, such as the Swedish Parliament and State Secretaries, however, the percentage of women is lower: 44% of elected parliamentarians, 38% of secretaries of State. Nevertheless, Sweden is still at the top of the world ranking, far ahead of France, and it’s 26% elected.

Swedish Women and Their Respect for Parity

In both political and personal life, parity is an essential element in Swedish society. Thus, we can, for example, observe that the parental leave scheme favors both the mother and the father. In theory, then, it allows Swedish brides to keep a good balance between professional and private life. Concretely, Swedes are entitled to a cumulative total of 16 months of paid leave per child. The first 13 are paid at 80%. The remaining three are capped at 21 euros per day. 

This system remains flexible with the possibility of transferring days from one parent to another. Women from Sweden most often stay at home, but their companions, all the same, take more leave than their European neighbors.

There is still work in this Nordic country, the wage gap, representations in companies, or high administrative positions. The rest of the world has a lot to learn from Swedish culture in constant reflection and improvement concerning gender equality between men and women. Thus, one of the central Swedish women characteristics is striving for equity and freedom. You will never make this woman sit at home or obey — she is a mother, a lover, a diligent worker, and a personality all in one.

How Do You Become Attractive to Them?

You should fully understand the cultural codes of dating in the country before approaching hot Swedish women. Without them, you won’t figure out what to do to please these loyal ladies and find the best courting scheme.

Sometimes it feels like the less you talk, the better. If you are not used to Swedish culture, it can be challenging to live in such a place, especially if you are starting. However, over time you get used to it and become a part of this phenomenon.

If you want to please a Swedish female, you shouldn’t behave like a local man. But, of course, you have to keep your cultural traits. But smiling or speaking too much, being too expressive, is considered rude or silly in the country. So instead, you should be slightly more social than a local man, but not overly so. It’s a balancing act that’s pretty hard to master at first. But you’ll get used to it quickly if you plan to charm a beautiful Swedish woman.

10 Commandments of Swedish Ladies

The clichés of gallantry are tough, and some practices associated with masculinity are more resistant to change than others. This kit of Swedish singles will be helpful to both women and men so as not to make mistakes:

  • Half of the bill will pay the Swedes who mostly cut the pear in half and pay their share of the bill. So get ready to pull out your calculators and wallets!
  • In Eve’s outfit, you will go for a walk: hot Swedish girls do not have the same approach to the body as foreigners in the swimming pool. So in the sauna or the locker rooms of the gym, you can feel slightly confused. Not because you have to undress — there is always the possibility of keeping your swimsuit or bath towel — but you can also be embarrassed by the exposed nudity of others.
  • Your bags and suitcases you will carry: whether returning from a trip or shopping, these women do not expect a gentleman to offer them help. Even if others see they are loaded like a mule! After all, they have to take responsibility for your choices!
  • Your mother’s leave, you will take: returning to the post after one year of maternity leave, a Swedish lady will not hesitate to announce to her boss that she will soon be leaving for a new year on parental leave without being afraid for her place!
  • In public, you will breastfeed: in Swedish culture, this is not considered shameless in public.
  • The first step in flirting you will take: when dating a Swedish woman, you should know that they do not hesitate to take the initiative.
  • Promotions from your boss, you will claim: even if the pay gaps remain inconsiderable, women in Sweden more easily dare to ask their boss for a raise. 
  • Your door, you will open: when Swedish women dating, you will not have to hold the door for them — for a woman, that doesn’t matter. 
  • You will take your panties down (to pee in the middle of nature): like men, ladies from Sweden do not hesitate to pee in the woods or public. So it may surprise you when you witness the scene for the very first time.
  • Rudeness, you will denounce: while gallantry is not a matter of course, no Swedish bride will tolerate violating her boundaries or raised voice.

Swedish Ladies

Things to Avoid When Dating a Girl from Sweden

Here are some things you shouldn’t bring up:

  • Claim that Swedish is a Germanic language. It is a language that is similar to Estonian and which has distant roots in common with Hungarian. It is one of the few languages ​​that is not of the Indo-European type in Europe.
  • Confuse the Swedes with other Scandinavians. The country’s inhabitants are very proud of their cultural identity, and it is very different from other surrounding countries.
  • Complaining about the prices in Sweden. If you compare the prices in the country with France or Belgium, they are very high. But for the locals, these are average prices. So if you plan to meet Swedish ladies, you shouldn’t complain about the bill at the restaurant later.

How to Find Swedish Mail Order Brides?

Foreigners often seek girlfriends from the country. Some of them are even looking for a wife. Before embarking on this adventure, remember that this act is meant to last for a lifetime. If you want to marry a woman from Sweden, don’t do it on a whim. The country is no longer religious, and women can divorce. However, it would not be very smart to enter into such a union if you cannot project yourself into a long, sincere, romantic relationship.

Unlike some developing countries where you can quickly get married to a local girl, you will not quickly find a Swedish girl. Because it is a wealthy country, you are unlikely to run into a girl who is only interested in leaving the state or signing papers. Instead, you will have to spend time getting to know your future wife. It starts with a flirtation, moving into the same household, and then only Swedish marriage.

Where To Get To Know These Women?

If you want to get to know these women quickly, you don’t have any other option than to travel to the country. Sweden owns the status of a prosperous country, and its population is 5.3 million people. Thus, it will be challenging to meet a Swedish girl in Europe.

Once in Sweden, you can run across pretty singles in the following places:

  • In bars and nightclubs. On the other hand, pay attention to the high prices that are charged.
  • By going to occasional events, such as a festival or fair. Because there are very few such events, locals flock to them in droves when they happen.
  • Via the street. You can also go and chat with women you like in the middle of the road. 

Meet Them on a Dating Site

If you can’t travel to the country or if you want to get to know the person well before the first date, turn to online dating services. There you have all the conditions necessary for meeting a Swedish mail-order bride.

However, you have to be careful with the platform you are going to choose. If you sign up on a local site, it’s a safe bet that women there will be interested in meeting locals. Use the platforms specializing in delivering mail order wives. You won’t waste your time on women who stick to the cultural traditions of their country. Because the Swedish people are so liberated and strong, they will not want to enter into relationships with foreigners. However, on niche dating sites, you will meet such ladies.

Conclusion on Seducing Swedish Girls

The advice above is general and based on the “average” woman from Sweden. Using a personalized flirting approach instead of relying on stereotypes about a typical mail order wife will always be more effective. Implementing comprehensive recommendations should assist you and show you the right path. However, what we explain to you will serve as a basis to deeper study the personality of the girl you want.

Apply your charisma, inner power, and show respect for the Swedish values of equity. It would help if you remembered that the Swedish people would never tolerate rudeness, overdone expressiveness, or hypocrisy. They talk less, but their words weigh more. We wish you good luck in your seduction of a Swedish woman! Listen to her, respect her, and be on equal terms with her — she will appreciate this!

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