Why German Women Are So Precious And Where to Find Them

German Frauen are a mystery for everyone. How do they manage to stay calm and collected while everyone is losing their mind? Sometimes it’s impossible to bear how perfect they are! How do they tend to come in time while everyone is getting late? How did they manage to stay so youthful and healthy even after their fifties? Yes, they look perfect. But how do you woo such a lady? This article is intended to show you all of their pros and cons, as well as ways Deutsch women like you. 

Characteristics of German Women

Germans are an epitome of a real woman: beautiful, strong, determined, loyal, intelligent, kind, studious, hard-working, and fun-loving. These girls will never do you wrong because dignity and respect are the blueprints of German culture. 

The only thing worth noting is that the women of Germany are very picky. They won’t be with just any guy who treats them to the bare minimum and offers attention. These ladies know their worth, cherish their youth, so there is no chance to woo such a precious gem unless you are willing to work on yourself.

German Women

Additionally, it is fair to say that every woman is different, no matter the culture she belongs to. However, Germans have solid genes, and respect, along with diligence, runs in the family. Therefore, don’t think you can use and abuse such a girl. These are common characteristics for a majority of women from Germany:

  • German beauties are straightforward as hell

These girls don’t like conversing on different topics and beating around the bush. So what’s the weather today? It’s good. When will you pay me the debt? Don’t think that these women lack romance; they don’t like to hang in the air with a wishy-washy partner. Diplomacy fades away when German girlfriends see you abusing your power or abstaining from an answer. So are we meeting today at 8 p.m.? They won’t take “maybe” as an answer because time is too precious. Sometimes foreigners think that Deutsch women are rude, but it’s not rude at all. These ladies are trying to get to the point quicker and avoid wasting anyone’s time.

Additionally, German women don’t like hanging on when it comes to commitment. So are you in or out? Do we stay close friends or break things off for good? Small talk and empty promises aren’t perceived as glamorous here. Instead, you risk making a wrong impression by playing hard to get and too mysterious. Nobody got time for these games.

  • Girls from Germany are easy to understand 

On the other hand, they don’t play games with you. For example, a German woman doesn’t want to spend half of her youth impressing strangers or building a mysterious persona. If she said yes, it doesn’t mean she’s playing games and will lead you on forever later. If she refused, there aren’t many chances for her to change her mind. Hot German women aren’t the type to break your heart when they get bored. These things make them even more desirable. 

  • Rules rule even when dating a German woman

Germany is probably the most law-obedient country in the world. These people don’t cross the road at a red light, steal, bribe, or commit perjury. There are strict rules, and everyone should follow them regardless of desire or social status. And even if you disagree with the rules, you can’t do anything because they existed long before you walked this planet. German girlfriends live and swear by the constitution and laws. You don’t throw a cigarette on the pavement or skip paying for a trolling ticket while your friend is an accomplice—things like this infuriate German girlfriends. 

Germany’s number of rules and regulations sometimes seems ridiculous, but you have nothing to do with it. But on the flip side, a country with regulations this strict makes a living here safe and secure for residents and tourists, as it is a result of hundreds of years—German girlfriends like creating a good impression and staying trouble-free for the rest of their lives.

German women characteristics always involve obedience, whether it means never getting a speeding ticket or waiting till the traffic lights go green, even when no police officers are around. People here recycle trash and have different garbage cans for everything. 

  • A German girl never runs late

Punctuality is an essential part of German culture. These women would prefer coming too soon than appearing in the middle of a meeting. Punctuality is merely a manifestation of respect and law obedience, even though there is no constitutional rule about arriving fashionably late. It doesn’t necessarily mean every German is super punctual, but these girls will at least notify you or try to apologize. But on the other hand, everything here arrives on time, starting with trains and finishing with movies in the cinema. You always know where you will be in a specific period during the day. So if you want to find German girl and seriously date her, you’ll have to commit because late-runners piss these women off. 

  • They aren’t very affectionate 

Hot German girls are, in fact, sometimes very cold. These girls may seem out of your league and even rude, but it has nothing to do with the lack of empathy or distrust. These people just have personal space they don’t like strangers to include. Everyone gets to do their own thing; there is no invasion of privacy because everyone needs to space out and be in their zone every once in a while. German girlfriends often give the cold shoulder to their princes, but that only happens because they don’t know better. Affectionate hugs and kisses are kind of cringy in Germany. Small talks are considered ill-manners since they take too much time, and you can always cut the crap and get down to business. 

Sometimes you might think that nothing comes out of this connection, and it’s better to drop it altogether. But don’t too frustrated so quickly. A German lady will heat up eventually. Sure, you don’t become close friends or lovers overnight, but once you’ve crossed that line, it’s going to be forever.

Pros and Cons of German Ladies

German girlfriends might seem cold and standoffish at first glance, but they have a variety of positive features once you get to know them better. These women acquire enough perks to become a perfect wife, but you should watch out for some negative sides as well. So here are the pros and cons of German women dating:


  • You’ll quickly hit it off with her dad

German girls may be hard to get to during the first meeting, but it doesn’t apply to their dads. German dads aren’t scary at all, and, in fact, German families are pretty inviting. While everyone is afraid to meet the parents, they act chill and liberal in the household. Why? Because Germans are psychologically mature, and children aren’t possessions here. These parents won’t be scared to give a German female to a loving foreigner. German people are used to tourists and won’t act hostile by any means. On the contrary, you have every chance in the world to casually gather with her dad and drink beer. 

  • German girls are easy to get on with 

Although these women are hard to get touchy-feely with, there is nothing complicated about winning their attention. In fact, German brides confess they aren’t scared to approach a man because Germany believes in equality. So it will be easy to open up in a bar to this woman. She will listen attentively and answer all of your questions on a pretty straightforward question, no mind games. 

  • German girls are self-sufficient 

One thing you can say about German mail order wives is that they are incredibly independent. These women don’t need a dime from you. In fact, they will gladly work and split the bill because it’s not considered a problem here. German singles understand the importance of equal workload for everyone, so both of you will do the dishes and clean the room. 

  • These women are loyal 

Deutsch women will fight tooth and nail for someone they love. However, once you’ve established a long-lasting connection, don’t think she will quickly leave you for a better option. These women have a heart of gold, although it might seem bulletproof from the beginning. Still, Deutsch women would rather go to therapy and pour their heart out in an attempt to save the marriage than recklessly ruin everything. 

  • Deutsch women love sports

When you first meet German ladies, you’ll realize how sporty and fit they are. A beautiful German woman goes to the gym several times a week and doesn’t consume too many calories. These women have great health, and much of it because they have a strict daily routine. You can forget about belly fat with a Deutsch woman because you will go to hot yoga together for now. 

German Ladies


  • She doesn’t take drama at all

This woman will not tolerate scandals in the household. She won’t yell and chase you for too long. Since Deutsch women cherish their time above anything, there won’t be many chances to mend the connection if you mess up and provoke her to raise her voice. Women like this hate to be confronted in an ill manner and made emotional for no reason. You will pay the price for making such a woman dramatic.

  • She doesn’t sugarcoat

A German bride won’t say you look fantastic if she doesn’t like your new haircut or a new outfit you bought on sale. These women are painfully straightforward, so you have to prepare for harsh criticism, especially if you lose too much time as a couple. If you lay around and don’t do sports, this girl will use harsh words to call you to action. 

  • She might be too busy for you

Not every man is ready to face the truth of women not needing them. German girlfriends are independent in everything, from their pockets to the bedroom. If she says she’s busy, there is nothing you can do to make her too interested. The only way to woo such a woman is by staying equally busy. 

Where to Find German Mail Order Brides?

You can meet a German mail-order bride in the streets of Berlin, of course. However, if you have access to traveling to her country, you can meet the woman on a dating site and see her native land. Germany is an excellent country with fascinating architecture and thrilling rules for a foreigner. In addition, you can learn more about German history from a native woman and get to like the culture better.

But what if you don’t have access to a VISA or it’s inconvenient to travel during a global pandemic? No worries, because most mail order wife dating sites offer their help for men when flying a bride and getting her to the desired destination, including documents. 

Are German Girls Good Brides?

These women are among the most desirable ladies in the world for men anywhere. Not only are they extremely attractive and utterly stunning, having blond hair and slim bodies, but these women also acquire many positive traits to be a good wife. 

They are homely, attentive, intelligent, fit, hard-working, and straightforward. You will have every chance to ascend as a human being with a German girl. She will carefully guide you to a new level of existence. 

Verdict: Are These Women Worth It?

German girls are the epitome of a strong-gentle type. They are intelligent and have a great sense of humor. Such girls are sexy, but they are not overtly sexual. They know a gold middle with everything. They will be a real treasure for any man.

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