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If you are an admirer of Chinese brides but have always been dubious about dating young women, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll help you to get rid of all your prejudices about dating a Chinese girl and explain what makes China brides excellent for love and marriage.

A date is an introduction of you to your Chinese soulmate. Don’t spare expenses to impress this exotic lady. Bargain for a discount in a store would not bring you many points. Foreign men take leading positions and usually invite brides for a date, not the contrary. Chinese brides online are feminine and expect the first steps from men. It’s also commonly accepted to take small but meaningful gifts whenever you visit anyone in China.

Chinese Brides Dating Culture

These brides are known to be easy for Western men. There are a few simple signs that will help you to identify that. First, if they will smile a lot, you found a key to their hearts. Second, she’s passionate about you meeting Chinese families. Third, she’s not ashamed of talking about her likes and preferences. Chinese mail order wives were brought up in reticence, so the best way to predispose her is to let her talk.

Even at a legal age, these brides would still prefer to live with their parents and move out after marriage. By the way, marriage law for them is a logical continuation of any dating.

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Features Of Character Of Chinese Brides

Chinese woman Prefer Long-Term Relationships

To get a devoted and faithful Chinese girl, show your serious intentions. The majority of them love being into stable and serious affairs rather than having one-night stands or a short fling. It depends on the region, though. Ladies from Shanghai or Beijing are more westernized, while brides from smaller towns are definitely into stable relationships.

Beautiful Chinese Women Combine Self-Restraint And Straightforwardness

There are two sides of brides from South Korea – they are reserved but open at the same time. When dating, she would prefer to keep your feelings exclusive. Asian girls has a sensitive and affectionate soul that reveals when you’re tete-a-tete. The Chinese are frank and sincere. If things go wrong, she will prefer to discuss it openly. Moreover, these brides are very straightforward. If there are the leftovers of ketchup on your cheeks or a spot on your T-shirt, she won’t be beating around the bush choosing proper words.

Asian women Are Family-Oriented

Despite the Western influence, family values have never lost relevance for Chinese ladies. These brides are very family-oriented and feel mature enough to getting married at a young age. Betrayal for Chinese girlfriends is taboo not only because it can destroy your relationships but because it can ruin her reputation. Besides, while dating, the family’s opinion about you matters a lot to your Chinese soulmate. She would be delighted if you could charm her parents.

Chinese Women For Marriage Are Great Cookers

When seeing a Chinese, your chances of losing weight are below zero. These brides are skillful cooks. A wife from China will serve you flavored exotic you won’t resist every day. Marrying a lady from China, in the majority of cases, is the ticket to gastronomic heaven.

For Brides from China, a Schedule is Sacred

In China, they wake up and go to bed early. They are used to having breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time and take a mandatory nap after lunch. When arranging a meeting, they may not state the exact time but say “after dinner” instead.

Salty Snacks Over Chocolate

This is rather an amusing fact about these exotic women for marriage. To please a Chinese girl, a bar of chocolate is not the best weapon. They are averse to sweets and prefer salty or spiced snacks over sweets. Chinese mail order brides know what is good for their figures and eat lots of herbs and vegetables to maintain their bodies in good shape.

Things That Chinese Women Love About Western Men


In the Western world, Asian appearance is considered unique. This is actually mutual from both sides. Chinese citizens consider a white man to be exotic. Both Western males and females are always in the center of attention in China. Thus, local brides wouldn’t lose a chance of going out with a foreign partner.

They’re Accepting

This goes with comparison to Asian men that tend to be jealous and over-possessive. While a Chinese husbands is tracking all the exes of her girlfriend, a man from Western countries accepts his lady despite her previous relationships.

New Impressions

Western men are free-spirited. Chinese mail-order brides believe that men like these can breathe air into their lives. Brides from China sometimes want to experience something radically different from what they’ve already seen.

Financial Stability

It’s a common belief that a Western man is a synonym to a thick wallet in China. It doesn’t make her a Chinese bride for sale, though. Like any woman, a Chinese mail order wife wants to be confident that her man is able to earn for a family while she’s on her maternity leave and so they won’t make ends meet after all.

beautiful Chinese girl

Appearance If Pretty Chinese Girls For Marriage

Let’s be honest; what attracts men in Chinese women is their petite figures and exotic appearance. Their beauty standards are constantly evolving, but there are a few things that will never go out of fashion. Chinese singles for marriage love to take care of themselves. They have small pale faces, small noses, and small lips. Their faces are beautifully framed with naturally-given black hair, which these ladies try to maintain long, shiny, and sleek. These brides are a bright example of what Western people call a typically Asian look.

Besides, women in China know magic to look in the fortieth like in the early twentieth. They seem to be resistant to aging and are really proud of inheriting this gene.

An additional word needs to be spoken about the awesome style of Chinese women. They perfectly blend Western outfits with traditional shapes and prints, which only adds flavor to how they look. However, we must admit that these cuties look equally cool when wearing both total black outfits or flower-printed dresses.

Secrets To Happy Relationships With A Chinese Mail Order Bride

Don’t Delay The Moment Of The Proposal.

Chinese girls for marriage often expect relationships to end with a Chinese wedding reception. Describe unmarried women we can say, that mature enough to walk down the aisle at the age of 20 and honestly tell openly about their desire to get married after a few months of relationships. Dating is a stepping stone to marriage for a Chinese bride. Honesty is key. If you’re not considering her for the role of a future wife, then explain it to her peacefully. Anyway, meaningful dialogue is better than constant delays.

Get Along With Her Family

Family is sacred for all Chinese wives online. Get her parents’ favor and congratulations, and you’re halfway to success. Luckily, we are here to tell you how to do that? First, prove your serious intentions. Second, they love keeping the house clean and always take off their shoes when inside. Third, they love when people have progressive views on Chinese people. Conservatism and thin body types are not peculiar to all of them. Dogs are friends, not food in China. Apart from rice, they consume a variety of delicious dishes. Giving birth to more than one child is not restricted anymore.

Take Bill Expenses

Even though brides in some regions of China are under the impact of Chinese culture, they still remain conservative about traditional gender roles. Men are expected to take the lead. For Chinese brides, it’s essential that a man can provide for them and their future children. One of the best ways to determine that is to check if a man is willing to pay the bill, especially during first dates. When getting into marriage, Chinese women don’t follow only the call of the heart. They want a man who can offer them a comfortable married life.

Break The Language Barrier

It is said that nearly 10 million out of 1.3 billion China residents speak English. This is why we sincerely ask you to learn at least basic phrases in Chinese. This will not only help you not to get lost in the country but also melt the hearts to local brides. Even a few words in broken Chinese will raise your attractiveness in the eyes of any single woman in China. A good idea would also be to ask your crush to teach you the language.

Best Dating Sites To Meet Brides From China

main page

Rose brides is a dating website that connects singles from all over the world into happy marriages. It focuses on the wide geography of ladies and offers men lots of profiles of stunning Eastern European brides as well as gorgeous Asians. The site offers a variety of free features for reasonable prices with no hidden fees. The subscription is needed to text girls.

main page AsianBeautyOnline

With Asian Beauty Online, you will get to know thousands of charming girls from all around Asia. A Chinese wife finder can find gorgeous brides online. It is perfectly optimized for mobiles and runs on both IOS and Android devices. Asian Beauty Online received an impressively high rate among users, which is easy to explain. The site allows you to send free emails without being registered.

WeChat app

WeChat may not be familiar to a wide audience. In fact, this is the most popular legit Chinese messaging app. Their website has an English version, and since its launch, it fastly evolved into one of the best multi-functional and social networking apps in use today. WeChat will help you stay in instant touch with your Chinese bride.

main page AsianFeels

Asian Feels is a legit website that is relatively new on the market. Nevertheless, these guys definitely know a thing about Asian dating. Here, a Western man can find an Asian lady for serious relationships or flirt, depending on his aim. The signup on the site is absolutely free of charge. There are a lot of ways to make contact on the Asian Feels website. Using their live chat, winks, or other features, you can easily attract a Chinese wife of your dream.

main page DateAsianWoman

Date Asian Woman site is a good choice for you to find a fiancé from China and other Asian countries. It has over two decades of experience in dating and matchmaking. Girls’ profiles on the site are extended with a full personal info section and high-quality photos. The site has high requirements for brides accounts, which can’t be underestimated.

To Summarize

Chinese brides are perfect candidates for marriage for all men who appreciate straightforward and tender women. These ladies are known to be loyal and family-oriented, and they are ready to open all their souls to a man who is serious about her. Reticent from first sight, single women has her opinion on many things. Let her know that she can openly discuss them and see how much she’ll appreciate it. Don’t spare efforts and get a chance to meet your love!

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