How to Buy a Wife Online: Comprehensive Guide

To “buy a wife” is such a common request as millions of single guys worldwide dream of finding good-looking women for marriage. How easy is it to buy a future spouse on the Internet? Well, it is possible, you will even enjoy this process.

A mail order wife is a woman who advertises her profile on buy bride services. Such a woman wants to buy a partner for a committed relationship rather than casual dating and one-night stands. Through a “buy wife” service, single or divorced ladies aim to find foreign men and establish romantic relationships from a distance.

The questions that need to be answered are “where to buy for a bride” and “how safe is it to buy women online”. Through this article, we will answer these questions and provide you all the necessary information on buying a perfect mail order bride online.

The Process of Buying a Wife

Most modern mail order bride services work similarly: they offer catalogs with profiles and photos of women. After registration, you will be asked to fill your profile, add photos and add as many criteria of your ideal life partner as possible. This is done to learn about your preferences and buy you a bride. While a teamed dating expert is trying to find your perfect match, you should search for your ideal date manually.

Every foreign wife finder has a search feature that allows you to buy women by the following criteria:

  • age
  • country and city
  • ethnicity
  • height and weight
  • hair and eyes color
  • marital status
  • relationship goals
  • education
  • interests
  • habits

By these criteria, you will buy women you have a lot in common with. If you are looking for a potential mail order bride but not just a girl for 2-3 dates, then such a comprehensive search will increase your chances of success.

Buy a wife

Why Do Women Search For Husbands on the Internet?

The number of international mail order bride sites grows fast. Single women from different parts of the world dream of connecting with handsome, romantic, and reliable men to build serious relationships and get married. But why do they buy men online? There are a few reasons for this.


Legit mail order bride services offer a vast choice of male profiles; much bigger compared with the number of men a woman can meet at work, restaurant, nightclub, or even during a trip abroad. Buying for men and women on the Internet guarantees a higher success rate. Young girls and mature mail order brides like the idea of looking for love through a “buy a bride” site. They enjoy reviewing profiles of attractive men, reading through their profiles, and flirting with them.

Desire to Meet a Foreign Partner

Not every woman from Russia, Asia, and South America feels happy in her own country. Often women from these countries face domestic violence, disrespectful attitudes and are forced to do things they do not enjoy. In these countries, women are forced to stay at home, look after children and elderly parents. Local men see women as servants while Western guys want to see happy and smiley girlfriends next to them. Mail order brides from these parts of the world find American men incredibly attractive. After watching movies like Pretty Woman or Sex and the City, they want to meet the same Prince Charming and fall in love.

Getting a Date Fast

Single and clever girls know that Westerners are frequent visitors of popular “buy a mail order wife” sites, so they spend all their free time online. Gorgeous mail order wives just need to place lovely photos to get attention. Russian, Asian, and Latin order girls get dozens of messages from good-looking guys from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. These girls get invited for real-life dates as well as enjoy chatting via video with their potential crush.

Top Countries to Buy a Woman

All women are beautiful. However, ladies from particular parts of the world have more popularity among single Westerners than others. Russian, Latin, and Asian females are top-searched brides whose profiles are offered at all buy bride services. Every single day, millions of Westerners want to find a bride from these countries. Why?

  • Russian Wives

When it comes to Russian women, the thing that attracts Americans the most is their model-like appearance. Russian mail order brides are some of the most feminine, beautiful, and charming. They usually look younger than their actual age, so it is not a surprise why many American gentlemen get acquainted with mature brides from Russia. Local girls make devoted and caring love partners who respect their husbands. If you decide to look for a lady, you should be polite and behave like a true gentleman. In Russia, women still expect men to pay on the first date, open the door, and treat them like princesses.

  • Latin Wives

Hot, passionate, and emotional Latin women will become ideal wives for men who enjoy having fun. Ladies from Latin America are great lovers. They love to dance, sing and flirt so that you will be easily seduced by girls from Mexico, Brazil, and Columbia. Even though Latina women create the impression of being only fun-loving, they make loyal partners and great mothers. They take good care of their partners and follow family traditions. Every Latin woman is religious, so you can expect her to be not only devoted to God but to you.

  • Asian Wives

An Asian life partner is a dream come true for every Western bachelor. If you buy a wife online from one of the Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, or Malaysia, you will get the most loyal, loving, caring, and respectful partner. Eastern wives are called the best because they become assistants to their husbands: they support them at difficult times, they look after the house, they cook delicious meals, and they always please their partners in the bedroom. Asian wives take marriage seriously and rarely get divorced. If you buy a bride online from a trustworthy Asian matrimonial service, you will have a naturally beautiful and loving lady by your side until death takes you apart.

Meet Foreign Partner

Why Is Online Dating the Best Way to Buy a Woman?

When you decide to find a foreign bride online, you can expect an unforgettable experience. If you used to think that only unconfident men seek wives online, you would change your opinion. A trustworthy wife finder will bring you connections with some of the most beautiful ladies worldwide. You will be able to review hundreds of female profiles 24/7. You will love sending and receiving messages, as it is so easy!

Why should you find a wife online free rather than head to a bar or nightclub? Here are the reasons why:

Finding a Perfect Match

Let us get back to the perfect matching that we have already discussed at the beginning of our article. Can you imagine how many women you have to meet and talk to before you buy the one? Whatever your number is, it is still easier to do it through a safe mail order bride service. You cannot buy a girl on the street. However, you can buy a wife online. A catalog with mail order females that you will see has a detailed description of each lady. So, you will save your time asking a woman questions like:

  • “Were you married before?”
  • “Are you looking for a long-term relationship?”
  • “What would you prefer, skiing or sunbathing?”

All these questions are answered to give you an idea of a woman whose photo you like.

Buying for a Foreign Bride

Like many mail order wives, Western guys dream of buying a wife online from another country. If you want to buy girls from Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia, buy bride services is the best decision. You can, of course, travel abroad and try to buy a life partner in another country, but you will face language barriers and cultural differences. So, to find a foreign wife online is so much easier and gives you more winning chances. In the mail order bride catalog, you will be able to review profiles of women from different countries. If you are still unsure what nationality you prefer the most, a mail order wife website will give you an idea.

Having All the Work Done for You

Join a reliable buy mail order bride website and tell a team of dating experts, “I want to find a wife”, along with providing your requirements. Many businessmen worldwide order a wife because they do not have time to view profiles of hundreds of girls, exchange messages, and send them smiles. So, while you are busy traveling and having meetings, professionals will find a girl who meets your precise criteria, organize a video conference and even assist in getting a visa and uniting with you. Save your time and entrust professionals who create matches every day and help bachelors buy the best ladies for marriage.

Statistics About Mail Order Bride Services

Some of the statistics that we will provide further in this article will prove how effective real mail order wives are:

  • In 2019, 77% of US singles looking for love online had at least one date
  • The same year, half of US singles said they tried a dating site or app
  • 12% of popular mail order wife service users said they found serious relationship partners in 2020
  • 48% of women between 20 and 30 use buy a bride websites in 2023
  • By 2024, there will be approximately 280 million online dating users

These statistics are positive and give singles hope of finding their one and only on the Internet. Through this article, you learned how to find a wife, where to look for a foreign bride, and what online wives are the most popular.

All you have to do now is research popular “buy wives” services, compare prices, and see what features they offer. If you think about choosing a free or paid site, we would recommend using the second. Premium buy a bride matrimonial services provide better quality profiles, reliable customer support, more features like matches and cam share, as well as improved security.