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Traveling is sometimes not available, but people still want to be able to fall in love. What if you like people of other nationalities? How is it possible to meet a woman from Asia when you live in the US? There is an easy solution to this – by using online dating websites.

Online dating has become a ‘thing’ a while ago, and without a doubt, it has a lot of advantages. More couples, when asked, say ‘we met online. Which makes other people want to try online dating too. But you have to start somewhere, right? For instance, picking a quality website.

If your goal is to meet a beautiful woman from an Asian country, then you might choose the AsianMelodies platform. As the name implies, it’s a website where men from abroad meet women from Asian countries and vice versa. Check out the current review to see if the site is suitable and is helpful in finding a romantic partner.

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Editor’s Summary

The website is quite popular among Asian women, so it should be useful for men who seek Asian pretty girls. The current AsianMelodies review of the website reveals that the platform is mainly used by women from such countries as China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, etc. The site is pretty popular, so the users are active. It’s an international dating app which is connecting singles seeking love.

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Reputation And History

The website isn’t new, and it has been around for several years now. The company which owns AsianMelodies owns several other international dating websites. It has a good reputation, although many users in reviews mention the expensiveness of the services offered by the company.

So, what is It’s an international dating platform where Western men meet Asian women and vice versa. Overall, the site has never been accused of scam activities. So, Is AsianMelodies a scam? No, it is not, but the platform is expensive to use, although effective.

AsianMelodies features

Website And App Interface

Multiple AsianMelodies dating reviews note the absence of the mobile app. It’s been a while since the platform has been launched, so people express disbelief that the site still doesn’t have a mobile app. On the other hand, you can always make a shortcut on a mobile desktop to use it as an app.

As for the interface, reviews mention it is a bit old but useful nevertheless. The interface is less attractive than the website designs of other dating apps, but it grants a positive experience. But is AsianMelodies any good? The easy navigation and simplicity of the concept pays off even though it is old-fashioned.

Registration Process

People in reviews ask the developers to add the signing up option through social networks. They assume it would be also easier to create profiles – the website would automatically withdraw the info. But it’s not yet implemented.

On the other hand, multiple reviews mention it takes only a few minutes to create an account. Then you are allowed to surf through the platform to see all available profiles and search options.

How Does AsianMelodies Work?

The current review on the AsianMelodies dating site shows that the platform is compatibility-based. People in reviews reveal an interesting fact – upon completing a quiz, you see only compatible profiles of singles. Technically, you don’t even need to use the search, and the system starts offering compatible profiles upon creating a full account.

You may find lots of reviews saying the search is not the only function – or the platform would have been boring. Users benefit from functions like live chats, videos, photos, sending and receiving gifts, etc. These functions are paid and expensive. But the question arises – Is AsianMelodies real? It’s paid, members would rather pay for real dating services. Yes, the site is expensive but real.

Are The Accounts Real Here?

While writing the current AsianMelodies dating site review, it has become obvious that there are accounts with verified badges and profiles without them. It is safe to say that verified accounts are real. The accounts without badges might be real, but there is no guarantee.

Partner Search

Most AsianMelodies reviews praise the advanced search. Moreover, it is free to use – unlike all other functions of the AsianMelodies platform. The search has tons of insightful filters to make sure members of the network find their potential partners. With such an advanced search, it is easy to find a love interest and start chatting.

AsianMelodies search

Membership Price And Payment Method

As you know, due to multiple reviews on AsianMelodies, the romantic dating platform is not free of charge. Several free options are at your disposal to test out the site. For instance, an AsianMelodies free search, reviewing profiles of people after registration. The signing-up process is free. But users are charged for all other features.

The site has a credit payment system – you buy credits when using the site. It has no subscription, but reviews claim the app is pretty expensive. The AsianMelodies platform has a refund policy, so if you buy too many credits, won’t use them, you may request a refund. But the refund is restricted only to 20 dollars worth of credits.

Several bulks of credits are offered to members of the community to buy. Traditionally, the more credits you purchase, the less you spend. The smallest bulk is 20 credits, which costs almost ten dollars. In the four sections below, learn how much credits cost various services of the AsianMelodies dating platform.

Live Chat

Photos And Videos


Other Interactions

Considering the prices, is AsianMelodies worth paying for? If you check out the reviews, you notice that most of the negative ones are related to the price point. The positive reviews mention the effectiveness of the Asian Melodies dating platform, its ease of use, etc. But the negative reviews mention the expenses spent on the site – without a doubt, it is an expensive platform.

AsianMelodies girl profile

It depends on whether or not to spend on the platform. On the one hand, it is effective and offers a chance to find real love. Fun fact, the truth about AsianMelodies is that it has a verified badge on the profiles of people who have verified their identity. So even though the site is expensive, it offers real encounters, fake profiles can’t send messages since all the services are paid.

Safety & Security

Several safety measures are implemented to protect the members of the community. Starting from the verification badge so users date real individuals to a secured Internet connection and constant checks of activity.

Help & Support

You can see how useful the Help section is on Asian Melodies even without creating an account. Scroll the Asian Melodies homepage down below and find an FAQ section. Click on the link, and you get redirected to the frequently asked questions.

There is a guide to begin using the website. It has everything a new user needs to know about the Asian Melodies platform. Then there is a troubleshooting section where you may find fixes to your issues. And you can check out the safety measures or find out how to report suspicious activity.

Then scroll down again, and find several more frequently asked questions about AsianMelodies. Users may also use the quick search to type in a request and find the answer faster. If you still have questions or problems to solve, click twice on the ‘Contact us’ button. Type in the following info:

Then send the request and monitor your mailbox. You will receive a reply as soon as a free team member has time to answer your message. But here is the question – Is AsianMelodies legit? Yes, considering the effectiveness of the support team.

AsianMelodies Alternatives

Even if you currently can’t travel to another country, you still have a chance to get acquainted with a beautiful lady overseas. AsianMelodies due to reviews, is a great website to encounter charming women from Asian countries. What about other countries? Here are several alternatives to AsianMelodies. You can meet Asians or women from other locations:

These sites are credit-based, and many AsianMelodies dating site reviews don’t like the option. Here are several subscription-based alternatives to AsianMelodies to suit the users’ demand expressed in reviews:

Here is a question – is AsianMelodies a good dating site? Yes, it is effective, and you may meet love, but there are many other alternatives, as shown above.


Is AsianMelodies Safe?

The platform is safe to use, but the company has no responsibility for what happens if you exchange contacts or meet in person. Your data is protected, payments are safe.

Is Asianmelodies Worth It?

The reviews claim it is possible to encounter a love interest. The website is expensive but seems to be worth a chance.

Is AsianMelodies Free?

No, the app isn’t free of charge, it is quite expensive. The reviews mention the possibility of trying several functions free of charge.

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